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Company Profile

Baoding Best Hoisting Co., Ltd is located in China mainland, is one of the most established hoist and crane suppliers in China market. By persisting in process improvement and innovation, along with understanding and exceeding customers unique needs, we have been getting high profits and growth since established in years 2002....

Company Culture

Our value is

Providing everything products with highest quality materials,

Best understanding and responding customers requires on a timely basis,

By actively participating on teams that continually improve our business,

Conduct our business with ethics and integrity and with respect to prevailing laws and regulations, and be a good corporate citizen in our community.

Being honest, fair, respectful and dedication.


Our goal is

Each associate to perform to the maximum of their abilities,

Every customers get profits exceeding their expectation.


Quality: Quality in our people, products, services and facilities.

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Baoding Best Hoisting Co., Ltd

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