Product Scopes:

    -----Trolley: Hand Plain Trolley, Manual Geared Trolley, Electric Trolley;

    -----Jacks: Mechanical Jack, Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Screw Jacks;

    -----Pulley Blocks: Snatch Pulley Block, Multi-Wheel Pulley Block, Marine Pulley Block, U.S. Standard Pulley Block.

    ----- Plate Clamps: Horizontal Plate Clamp, Universal Plate Clamp, Vertical Plate Clamp, Oil Drum Clamp, Weight Balanced Horizontal Plate Clamp;

    -----Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Wire Rope Pulling Hoist, Wire Rope Lever Hoist, Weight Scale.

  • Anti-drop Manual Trolley Hoist

    GCL GCT Hoist Trolley Anti-drop Series, which equiped with anti-tilt and anti-drop devices to assure safety operation. And wide range fittings to the beams and machined steel wheels mounted on pre-lubricated encapsulated ball bearings to achieve excellent rollings.

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  • Manual Trolley Hoist

    GCT and GCL manual trolley is an singe truck lifting toos which can be hung on regular I steels with in various electric cranes or install with chain blocks. Capacity from 0.5Ton up to 10Ton,simple structure and easily to operate.

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  • Mechanical Jacks

    Operating Manual The steel Jack is designed by mechanical transmission principle. Its one of the best lift tools used in repairing, etc. The lifting or lowering speed is controllable. Moreover, it overcomes the shortcoming of the common hydraulic jacks whose lowering height and speed is out of control when oil leaking. The top-quality all steel structure makes it safe and durable,

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  • Hydraulic Bottle Jack

    Hydraulic Bottle Jacks are an ideal tools for changing tires or repair work in the factory, garage, shop or on the road. The uses of jacks are not limited to vehicles requirements, rather it can be used in selecting ground conditions ensuring stability when the jack is expanded. The hydraulic bottle jacks make use of fluid, which is incompressible and are forced into a cylinder through a pump plunger.

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  • Permanent magnetic lifter

    Magnetic lifter product description: The main uses and characteristics: Permanent magnetic lifters are used by new type and high performance Nd-Fe-B magnetic material, It is characterized by its smaller and lighter weight, Powerful lifting effort and few of residual magnetism

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  • Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifter

    Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifter is working on permanent magnet principal. As magnetic lifter place on m.S.Sheet and handle is to be operated to create magnetic force on surface of magnetic lifter. It has a long working life, normally, one set of this lifter can used for more than 10 years with no damage.

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  • Wire rope pulling hoist

    Wire Rope Pulling Hoist is a kind of small type hand-operated hoister, it’s compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, has a longer operating life, less power expenditure and considerably less rope wear.

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  • Wire rope pulley block

    Pully block used to change direction of pulley block and lifting team to move and hoist cargo. We produce pulley block with capacity from 0.03ton to 1000ton. Pulley block can be classified to snatch block and close block according to the methons to fix wire rope. And in accordance with the number of wheels, we can produce pulley block with single wheel, double wheels, three wheels and Mutil-wheels.

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