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Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifter
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Product details

Automatic Permanent Magnetic lifter has a log working life, normally, one set of this lifter can used for more than 10 years with no damage. It has following Point Features:

1. No electricity needed

2. No battery back up required

3. Be remote of any chances of accident

4. Available for thin steel sheet and pipe

5. Lifting strength from 500kgs to 5000kgs

Working Principal of Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifter:

1. Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifter is working on permanent magnet principal. As magnetic lifter place on steel sheet and handle is to be operated to create magnetic force on surface of magnetic lifter.

2. Once this operation is carried out the magnetic material will get lifted. At sam time it will be demagnetise once handle is brought to original position.

Application of Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifter:

Automatic permanent magnetic lifter widely used in shipbuilding, engineering machinery, model making and many other industry areas.

Automatic permanent magnetic lifter can be used by one set, and also can be used for more than 2 sets, greatly improved production efficiency.

1. Be used for press tools

2. Be used for unloading materials from truck

3. Be used for dyes and tools


Specification of Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifter:

automatic magnetic lifter 

Item No. LS2-0.5 LS2-1 LS2-1.5 LS2-2 LS2-3 LS2-5
Rated lifting capacity (KG) 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 5000
Shape Size(MM) A 510 510 665 680 770 920
B 180 210 210 320 360 420
C 582 582 735 750 850 1000
D 352 390 390 500 500 580
E 26 26 26 26 30 34
F 46 50 50 50 56 80
G 92 92 92 112 125 141
Test max pull off force (KG) 1750 3500 5250 7000 9000 15000
N.W.(KG) 130 190 245 250 420 600