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Baoding Best Hoisting Co., Ltd is located in China mainland, is one of the most established hoist and crane suppliers in China market.
By persisting in process improvement and innovation, along with understanding and exceeding customers unique needs, we have been getting high profits and growth since established in years 2002.
Product scope: Hoists and Crane; Lifting tools and Spare parts, Rigging hardwares and Slings.
Hoists and Crane:
-----Electric wire rope hoist;
-----Electric chain hoist;
-----Manual Chain Hoist;
-----Lever hoist block;
Lifting tools and equipments:
-----Electric traveling trolley;
-----Manual traveling trolley;
-----Wire rope pulling hoist;
-----Permanent magnetic lifter;
Rigging hardwares:
-----Hoist hooks;
-----Flat webbing sling;
-----Round sling.

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Baoding Best Hoisting Co., Ltd

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