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Lift maintenance and inspection

The routine inspection of lifting machine is as follows
1, regular maintenance should be carried out by the operator every three months, if the user USES frequency or used in a harsh environment, users are corresponding to shorten the maintenance time according to specific situation.
2. During daily operation, it is necessary to check whether the safety device is sensitive and effective, whether the hydraulic system leaks, whether the oil amount is sufficient, and add grease to the guide rail of the pillar.
3. Check whether the main and auxiliary safety hooks are sensitive and reliable.
4. Check whether the synchronous wire rope is loose. If loose, tighten and secure.
5. Check the amount of oil in the oil tank and make up for the hydraulic oil.
6. Clean the hydraulic system.
7. The hydraulic oil shall be replaced once a year (three months after the first use). Replacement of hydraulic oil, the lifting airland to the lowest position, the hydraulic oil (zero pressure) should not have any pressure, no load lifting machine, filling N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, waste oil processing must be carried out in accordance with local environmental regulations.
8. Clean the grease and burrs on the guide rail of the pillar, check whether the sliding block is seriously worn, and replace them timely.
Two - column, gantry lift main vulnerable parts replacement period
(1) hydraulic oil: the initial use is 3 months, and it will be replaced every other year after that.
(2) chain: 3 years or when the chain piece or chain pin shows signs of damage.
(3) when the fastening nut of the chain pin is loose, the opening pin and the connecting shaft of the chain end joint shall be replaced in time.
(4) the normal service and replacement period of seals at the tubing joint shall be two years. If any damage is found, it shall be replaced in time.
(5) the sealing element of oil cylinder is 2 years.
(6) the spring is 2 years old and the safety hook is 3 years old.
(7) sprocket, sprocket shaft and axle sleeve for 3 years.
(8) the slider is normally used for 3 years.
(9) the synchronous wire rope shall be replaced if it has broken 10 pieces or more than 2 years.

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