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Application methods and precautions

Application method of four-column hoist
(1) before each use, it must:
Carry out daily inspection of relevant parts according to the instruction.
Check the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank.
(2) no-load test must be carried out before each use, according to the following procedures
Switch on the power switch.
Press the up button and the working platform should rise normally. Release the button, the working platform should be able to stop operation reliably.
Stop after rising to a certain height and hang the platform hook. At this point, the four hooks must be able to hang reliably on the hanging board in the pillar.
When rotating the reversing valve to supply air, the four hooks should be able to fully detach from the scraper.
Press the down button, the working platform shall descend at normal speed, and release the down button. The working platform shall be able to stop reliably in the above process, and the machine shall be free from abnormal noises and other abnormal phenomena.
(3) load operation of hoist
After driving the vehicle working platform, tighten the brake handbrake and the driver evacuate the working platform.
Put the anti-skid support firmly in the back and front of the car tire.
Without gas supply, press the up button to raise the working platform to the required height.
Click the down button, so that all four hooks are reliably supported on the hanging board, then you can enter the work area for maintenance and adjustment.
After the repair or adjustment work is finished, click the up button to turn the reversing valve to the air supply position, so that the four hooks are removed from the wall, press the down button and the working platform is lowered.
When the working platform falls to the lower limit, remove the anti-skid support and remove the car from the working platform.
Precautions for use of four-column hoist
(1) special persons shall be set up to operate, maintain and maintain lifting machine equipment, and personnel who have not read the manual or who are not qualified for operation shall be prohibited from starting lifting machine without permission.
(2) the parking position of the car should make its center of gravity close to the center of gravity of the working platform.
(3) overload operation is strictly prohibited.
(4) during the lifting and lifting of the working platform, no personnel shall be detained under the loading and unloading platform of the working platform.
(5) it is forbidden to operate the machine in case of failure.
(6) personnel are not allowed to enter the work area until the four safety hooks have been fixed.
(7) vehicles staying on the working platform must tighten the hand brake and pad the anti-skid support.
(8) when not in use, the lift should be lowered to the lowest position and power off.
(9) after the hoisting machine is used for a period of time, the steel wire rope will be lengthened to varying degrees, so that the working platform cannot be hung synchronously without four hooks. The length of the wire rope should be adjusted in time.
(10) the machine shall be maintained and repaired in strict accordance with the instructions.

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