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Proper use of rigging

1. Selection of specifications and types of sling tools
When choosing a sling specifications, must take the lifting load of size, weight, shape, and prepare lifting methods such as the use of common influence coefficient into consideration, given the limits of the requirements of the work force, the work environment at the same time, the kinds of load must be considered. Must choose to have enough ability already, the condole that can satisfy the appropriate length of use mode again is provided, if multiple condole has been used to lift a load at the same time, must choose the same type condole to provide; The material of flat sling should not be affected by environment or load. Whether the attachment or the soft lifting lug is needed or not, careful consideration must be given to the matching of the end section of the sling with the auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment.
2. Restricted use Angle of sling
When using soft lug flat sling, minimum use of lug length can't small 3.5 times and lug the maximum thickness, the contact part of the hook and lug Angle should not exceed 20 °. When the connection with soft lug slings and lifting equipment, slings and lifting gear contact part must be always, unless the axial line width is not more than 75 mm, lifting accessories bending radius must be at least 0.75 times the width of line axial. For example: the radius of the sling on the cargo hook should be at least 0.7 times the axial width of the sling. Follow good hoisting experience and plan the lifting and light operation plan before starting hoisting.
4. Properly use the sling attachment
The sling should be properly placed and connected to the load in a safe way. The sling must be placed on the load so that the load can balance the width of the sling. Always can't knot or distorted sling suture placed on a hook or lifting equipment, and is always in the vertical section of the sling, by far away from load, Angle of the hook and lock to prevent damage to the tags.
5. Matters needing attention for the use of multi-combination sling
Multiple sling evaluation depends on the combination of the limit of the work force of load on the sling symmetry, namely when lifting sling branch according to the design of uniform distribution is symmetrical, the same vertical Angle. 3 composite sling, if branch cannot according to the stress of the uniform design, the biggest strength on a branch, it will be near branch the sum of maximum tolerance design Angle, the same result in 4 composite sling, if not rigid load, takes into account the same. Note: for rigid loads, most of the gravity may be borne by three or even two of them, and the remaining one only protects the balance of the load
6, hoisting, the protection of the sling sling away from sharp edges, the friction and wear, whether it's far away from the load or lifting appliances, should strengthen and protect the cable from the sharp edge and wear appropriate part of the damage, the necessary additional strengthening protection supplement is a must.
7. To ensure the load balance during lifting, the sling must be used in a safe way, so as not to tilt the load or slide down the sling; The sling must be arranged at the center of gravity of the load and directly above the lifting point, so that the load is balanced and stable. Cause danger.
8, the lifting sling the way if you use a basket of crane, can ensure the safety of the load, because there is no locking behavior, such as hanging lock and sling can flip through the key, recommend two sling, sling body suspension vertical as possible, to ensure that the load Shared equally between the branches. When hanging flat cable lock, should be allowed to put the state of nature Angle (120 °), so as to avoid heat due to friction, sling is not in a strong force position, don't attempt to make tight grip, correct safe way to use a sling hoisting double lock. Double locking ensures safety and prevent load from slipping off the sling.

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