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Matters needing attention

1. The production and manufacture of stainless steel rigging must be standardized.
2. The safety management of stainless steel rigging should be strengthened, so as to ensure dedicated management, exclusive use, fixed point storage, regular inspection and timely scrapping, as well as the maintenance and maintenance of the rigging.
3. Strengthen safety training for stainless steel rigging users, enhance staff's safety promotion of education, and emphasize the improvement of safety technical quality. Require the user to master the basic safety technical knowledge of stainless steel rigging; Be familiar with the basic performance or service requirements of stainless steel rigging; Understand the calculation of the center of gravity and the load of the sling in different operating environments; To master the safety inspection methods and scrap standards of the hoisting tools used. Only by mastering these basic safety knowledge and using them in practice can we ensure the correct use of stainless steel rigging and ensure the safety of lifting and lifting.

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