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Proper use and storage of rigging

1, rigging specifications, types of choice when choosing rigging specifications, must be lifting the load size, weight, shape, and prepare lifting methods such as the use of common influence coefficient into consideration, given the limits of the requirements of the work force, the work environment at the same time, the kinds of load must be considered.
It is necessary to select the cable harness with sufficient capacity and suitable length to meet the use mode. If multiple rigging cables are used with lifting load at the same time, the same type of rigging must be selected. The material of flat rigging should not be affected by environment or load. Whether the attachment or the soft lifting lug is required or not, careful consideration must be given to matching the end of the rigging with the auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment.
2, rigging the restrictions on the use of Angle when using soft lug flat sling, minimum use of lug length cannot be less than 3.5 times the maximum thickness, and lug contact part of the hook Angle should not exceed 20 ° and lug activities. When the connection with soft lug slings and lifting equipment, slings and lifting gear contact part must be always, unless the axial line width is not more than 75 mm, lifting accessories bending radius must be at least 0.75 times of the width of the sling axial.
For example: the radius of the sling on cargo hook at least 0.75 times the sling axial width. The fabric width may be affected by cargo hook part inside radius, cargo hook the influence of curvature results block strength in the range of the width of the fabric a balanced role. Coefficient of sling it is strictly prohibited to overload, it is necessary to use the right way, the way of part of the limit of the work force may have been given on the label, multiple sling cannot exceed Angle and vertical direction.
3. The rigging follows good hoisting experience, and before starting hoisting, the hoisting and portable operation plans are planned.
4, rigging, lifting, correct use of rigging connections rigging under the safe way to correct placement, connected load, must be placed rigging on the load so that the width of the load can balance the role of the sling; Always can't knot or distorted sling suture placed on a hook or lifting equipment, and is always in the vertical section of the sling, by far away from load, Angle of the hook and lock to prevent damage to the tags.

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