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Matters needing attention in hoisting of rigging

Wire harness
Is processed from wire rope, wire rope is mainly used for hoisting, traction, tighten the rope, and bearing concrete high strength, light weight, stable work, not easy suddenly the whole root fracture characteristics, widely used in steel, chemical industry, transportation, port, etc.
Notes for hoisting of wire rope tools:
1. If it is a single-leg sling, the lifting point must be perpendicular to the center of gravity of the suspended object;
2. In case of double leg hoisting, the hanging point shall be located on both sides of the goods and the hook shall be above the center of gravity of the suspended object;
3. In case of three-leg or four-leg hoisting, the lifting point must be balanced on the plane around the goods, and the lifting hook should be directly above the center of gravity of the suspended goods.
Chain rigging
Chain rigging is metal link of board of rigging, according to its form mainly has two welding and assembling, according to its structure more than single and etc, adopt high quality alloy steel, its outstanding characteristic is wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, low ductility, force after elongation, etc. It has long service life and is easy to bend. It is suitable for large-scale and frequent use.
Notes for chain rigging hoisting:
1. The chain is not allowed to be knotted or twisted during use;
2. No load at the hook tip;
3. The normal operating temperature of chain rigging is -40c to + 200c;
4. With single leg rigging, the lifting point should be vertically above the lifting center of gravity;
5. If it is a double leg rigging, the lifting point should be on both sides of the lifting object and the lifting point should be above the center of gravity;
6. If it is a three-legged and four-legged rigging, the lifting point should be evenly located at the level of the lifting center of gravity and above the lifting center of gravity.
Lifting belt
The hoisting belt is composed of the main hoisting ring, the link shackle, the hoisting belt, the metal terminal assembly, the main hoisting ring includes the long hoisting ring, the circle hoisting ring, the combination hoisting ring and so on. The connecting shackles include bow shackles, chain shackles, etc. The lifting belts include flat belts and circular belts, and the metal ends include all kinds of hooks and other metal parts.
Hoisting belt
1. During the use, please pay attention to the relationship between the included Angle and the bearing tonnage;
2. If the sling used in the lasso rigging is damaged, it cannot be used;
3. Avoid impact or vibration load;
4. The safety factor is 4:1, and the specific one is 5:1 or 6:1. It should be used within the range of safety factor.

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