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Standard for purchase and purchase of rigging

When choosing a sling specifications, must take the lifting load of size, weight, shape, and prepare lifting methods such as the use of common influence coefficient into consideration, given the limits of the requirements of the work force, the work environment at the same time, the kinds of load must be considered. Must choose to have enough ability already, the condole that can satisfy the appropriate length of use mode again is provided, if multiple condole has been used to lift a load at the same time, must choose the same type condole to provide; The material of flat sling should not be affected by environment or load. Whether the attachment or the soft lifting lug is needed or not, careful consideration must be given to the matching of the end section of the sling with the auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment.

As for the safe use of the sling, we will learn about it from the following points.

Overloading is strictly prohibited.

Unmarked sling should not be used if it has not been confirmed.

The components on the rigging assembly shall be inspected regularly according to the requirements of the assembly.

Hammering shall not be used to correct the twisted suspension.

No sling is allowed.

Do not pull or let the weight roll under the weight.

Outside the condole rigging that buys must be the product that professional manufacturer produces according to national standard, inspect, have qualified certificate and maintain, maintain manual. Marks such as rated starting weight, production number, date of manufacture, name of manufacturer which are not easy to wear and tear must be provided where the products are obvious. The user shall prepare safe operation rules and maintenance systems according to the specifications and the characteristics of the operating environment.

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